Sterile_Z-1Back Table Cover - We have sterility covered.


The Sterile-Z® Back Table Cover protects instruments before or during procedures and helps maintain the sterile field during application and removal. 

The sterile field should be covered if it will not be immediately used or during periods of increased activity.” — AORN Guideline for Sterile Technique. In: Guidelines for Perioperative Practice. Denver, CO: AORN, Inc. 2018: electronic release.

Sterile-Z Back Table Cover’s unique features allow it to maintain the sterility of surgical instruments and reduce the risk of contamination while they’re not in use. When you should cover: 

  • Period of increased activity
  • Double set-ups
  • Clean closures
  • Delays

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Sterile-Z Videos


Sterile-Z Back Table Cover Animation


Sterile-Z Mayo Stand animation


Sterile-Z Back Table Cover Application

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